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The CedarCrestone 2012--2013 HR Systems Survey: HR Technologies, Service Delivery Choices, and Metrics, 15th Annual Edition Open for Participation

ALPHARETTA, Ga., May 24, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- CedarCrestone requests representatives from organizations with over 300 employees to participate in the CedarCrestone 2012--2013 HR Systems Survey: HR Technologies, Service Delivery Choices, and Metrics, 15th Annual Edition. The Survey is now available at and responses are needed by July 2nd, 2012.
This highly respected survey is a comprehensive research effort providing organizations with data to plan, justify, benchmark, and execute HR technologies. The survey questionnaire collects responses from HR and IT management and business leaders with knowledge of the HR technologies in use and planned. It takes 15--30 minutes to complete. Responses will be kept confidential and only used in aggregate results.
The 15th anniversary CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey continues to track the adoption, deployment approaches, and value achieved of 30+ HR technologies. These include administrative, service delivery, talent management, workforce management, business intelligence/workforce analytics, and social media. Three new or recharged technologies of projected importance to HR are also covered: big data, collaborative knowledge sharing (aka electronic content management), and work management software. The results will summarize current and projected plans and budgets for HR technologies in an enterprise context and will also provide a synopsis of trends over the past 15 years.
We believe that 2012 marks an inflexion point for three areas:
1. The switch from more organizations doing upgrades of the core system of record to more doing replacements
2. A stronger-than-ever focus on integrated talent management as a key technology that further drives workforce contribution to business outcomes
3. An increasing impact from all things social, mobile, and analytical
All respondents will receive an advance copy of the results in early October 2012. You can view prior years' results here.
Please include the hashtag #CCHRtechsurvey if you plan to promote on Twitter.
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