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StormWind Announces 13 New Enterprise Customer Wins for Q2; Major Brands Embrace “Edutainment” for Corporate Training

US Army, Avnet, and Hershey’s Chocolate just a few of StormWind’s notable new customers
(Scottsdale, Ariz. – Aug. 16, 2012) – StormWind, the creators of a new genre of IT and custom corporate training, announces it has closed a notable number of enterprise customers since coming out of stealthmode and publically launching earlier this year. StormWind has altered eLearning completely by creating a Hollywood-style approach that has proven to be more effective than traditional learning methods. StormWind’s “edutainment” courseware has quickly gained a reputation for resulting in elevated engagement and high learning retention rates.
Enterprise customers hire StormWind for their training needs that drive stronger sales, improved IT learning, and better-educated professionals. The full list of enterprise organizations that have elected to partner with StormWind includes Boeing, the State of Alaska, the US Army, the State of Maine, San Antonio Water, Continental, Grand Rapids Community College, Avnet, Cemex, The US Department of Defense, Ball State University, and Hershey’s Chocolate.
"The approach we take with training is something companies just can't find elsewhere on the market,” says Tom Graunke, CEO of StormWind. “We're confident that the experience we provide for their employees will surpass their expectations. These recent customer wins are a testament to the niche we fill and the need for a new way to learn in the enterprise.”
StormWind recently rolled out their HD Live training model that is being snapped up by a variety of industries, including universities, corporations, and governmental agencies alike. Businesses are gripped by the unique methodology StormWind implements to create a totally new kind of eLearning experience. In addition to enterprise customers, StormWind is increasingly being used by IT professionals who seek certifications and extended learning from the top known IT trainers in the world. Many of these pros find StormWind courseware to be faster, and more enjoyable to than what’s currently offered in their companies.
“I am extremely happy with the IT training I received from StormWind,” says Erik W Stagg, assistant manager of IT broadcast operations of WLWT-TV/Hearst Television. “I am pleased to say that I recently passed the CCENT course with a 899 out of 1000. I could not have done it without the help I got from StormWind and their live classes. I am truly looking forward to ICND 2.”
StormWind has two options for their clients: HD online IT classes, or a completely customized HD eLearning program built around specific needs. The former option is typically a fit for members of the IT community who want technical and certification training in a broad variety of topics that include Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and Project Management. The latter option is usually for mission critical sales training, channel marketing, and employee education. StormWind gives their customers the freedom to decide what method works best for them, and then equips them with the tools to reach their training goals.
About StormWind
StormWind is a Phoenix, Ariz. based company that brings live, interactive, HD video production to the world of eLearning. Using their proprietary technology, StormWind delivers interactive training that creates a truly personal and engaging classroom experience to achieve real knowledge transfer. StormWind uses cutting edge technology to provide custom HD online video training for enterprise clients for sales training, channel marketing and employee education. For more information visit
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