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Paula Santonocito's blog

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, Start Your Engines

When it comes to talent management, the Internet plays a prominent role. And when it comes to the Internet, expedient search is essential.

It's no surprise that Google holds the top search engine spot, hands down. But what may surprise you is that no other search engine even comes close.

Airing Our Success

Back in February, TMT Talk covered The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency that provides free summer vacations to New York City children from low-income communities.

I'm happy to report that sharing information has helped make a difference.

Keeping the Customers

F. Leigh Branham, founder and principal of Keeping the People Inc., a consulting firm focused on employee engagement, publishes a newsletter you can read online or receive via email by signing up at the company's website.

Each issue of "Keeping the People Report" is filled with worthwhile information and insights for employers.

Curled Up with a Mobile

As we all know, mobile devices are terrific in that they allow for anywhere anytime access. But Talent Management magazine reports on a potential downside to so much access.

A small but noteworthy survey of 300 city workers in the UK conducted by Credant Technologies, a provider of endpoint data protection solutions, finds that more than a quarter of employees are so obsessed with staying connected that they do work in bed.

Online Recruitment Gives Back

Recessions come and go. Yes, this one has been deeper than most but the economy will rebound.

However, in good times and in bad, throughout the world, people face overwhelming circumstances and struggle with employment issues.

These issues sometimes relate to where people live, as in underdeveloped countries where opportunities are few and funding to start new businesses is scarce. In other instances, natural disasters may have literally wiped out jobs, leaving workers devastated and disoriented.

Social Marketing

How do you control advertising costs while still promoting your brand? has a unique approach. Ask ordinary folks to do the work for a fraction of the cost of what the big guns charge.

Social Media and the Job Search

Still think social media has yet to prove itself as a business tool? Think again.

As reports, people are finding jobs through social networking sites. The article points to how a tweet can result in a sweet employment opportunity.

How effective is social media from the standpoint of job search? One professional says social networks will replace job boards.

Whether his prediction comes to fruition remains to be seen. Such a statement, however, is bound to have job seekers atwitter.

Technology Now

Where should HR departments focus their efforts?

HR technology.

That's the message from global consulting firm Watson Wyatt, which offers three ways employers can use HR technology to help cut costs, find efficiencies, and support worker productivity now, while preparing for economy recovery.

HR professionals won't want to miss these important insights. Meanwhile, for product and service providers, there's also valuable "news to use" here.

Tune in.

Name Your Influencers

Some of you may have read that John Sumser is trying to come up with the 100 key influencers in the industry—and by industry he means "all of Recruiting, Staffing, HR, HCM, and HRTech."

Sumser certainly qualifies as a key influencer himself. In fact, if there was a list of the original gurus of online recruitment he'd be on that list as well.

Leadership and Preparedness

It's been interesting to hear the conversation, online and off, about government and media response to the outbreak of swine flu.

Is the U.S. government overreacting? Are other countries? (Egypt, for example, is slaughtering pigs.)

And what about the media? Is the media feeding the fear?