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Paula Santonocito's blog

Innovation Is Alive and Well

Despite these tough times, that's the message that keeps coming through--in interviews and casual phone conversations, email correspondence, press releases, and other forms of communication.

What's the old adage? When times get tough, the tough get going.

And this certainly seems to be the case in 2009 with regard to talent management technology.

Obama's BB

Barack Obama takes office next week, and the world will soon have insight into how issues related to the economy, world peace, and other critical matters will get addressed.

For those with a passion for technology and technological communication, there is another matter that will be resolved sooner rather than later. We will learn whether President Obama gets to keep his BlackBerry.

Market Conditions

As if there isn't enough economic bad news on a daily basis, more will be arriving shortly in your postal mailbox--if you haven't already received it. Yes, it's mid January and that means annual investment account statements.

And what a shock those statements will be this year, especially if you've invested heavily in equities and haven't been keeping up with the monthly, weekly, daily disappearing act. Once you tear open the envelope(s), it's no longer possible to deny the impact 2008 hath wrought on your savings.

TMT as Media Resource

If you're reading this blog post, you already know a little bit about TMT, including that it's a venue for buyers and sellers of talent management technologies.

But the site also happens to be a great resource for members of the media.

How can the media use TMT?

Glad you asked.

The Army Goes Arcade

The U.S. Army has long been a leader in creative online recruitment. For a truly best practice careers site, check out

Among the many interactive tools and information resources you’ll find at the site are games.

It's no secret that young people gravitate toward interactive entertainment. (We get that, don't Wii?) And at its recruitment site the Army effectively leverages the interest in games.

Valuable Insights from Recruitment Industry Veteran

There are a lot of newsletters worth recommending, and VetJobs Veteran Eagle certainly makes the list.

The January 1st edition, available at VetJobs, is especially well-written and thought-provoking.

Be sure to read "Message from the Top," VetJobs President Ted Daywalt's take on the crisis in America. Then read Daywalt’s 2008 predictions, his analysis on how these predictions fared, and his predictions for 2009.


A curious thing happened on the way to replying to a colleague's request to add my contact information to UNYK. Date of birth was required to log in.

Other sites ask for this info; Facebook, as an example, comes to mind. However, Facebook and others don’t make DOB a required field.

Show Me the Money

Organizations aren't only cutting staffing. Benefits too are on the chopping block.

Today's Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that cell phone maker Motorola will suspend matching contributions to employee 401(k)s effective January 1.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Social Networking

That's the message of an article in the latest issue of Talent Management magazine, which examines the impact online social networking has on employee recruitment.

The article shares results of the "Digital Generation Survey" conducted by Career Innovation (CI), a UK-based firm focused on workplace research, and AIESEC, the world’s largest international student organization.

Maintaining Connections with Former Employees

Although these days the focus at a lot of organizations is on downsizing, there will come a time when business ramps up again.

With this in mind, it's important to have a strategy for keeping in touch with exiting employees; they may be the talent you rehire in the not-too-distant future.