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Paula Santonocito's blog

A Second Look at Second Life

Thanks to Pete Markiewicz, coauthor with generational experts William Strauss and Neil Howe of "Millennials and the Pop Culture," for sharing how 20th Century Fox signed a contract with a musician in Second Life.

On TV and Online

In case you missed it on TV, the CBS 60 Minutes segment featuring Ted Daywalt, president of, is now online.

You can also view additional clips from Daywalt's interview with 60 Minutes Correspondent Leslie Stahl (clips that didn’t air) by visiting the 60 Minutes website and clicking on Ted Daywalt's photo (above the heading "Back Door Draft?").

Recruitment Industry Veteran to Appear on 60 Minutes

Be sure to tune in to CBS’s 60 Minutes this Sunday, November 2.

TMT’s friend Ted Daywalt, president of VetJobs, a leading job board for military veterans, transitioning military members, and their families, will be on the news program.

Talent Management and November 4

If you think about it, Election Day is all about talent management. Americans go to the polls to cast their ballots for the best candidates for a variety of jobs.

This year, matching job seekers to positions (especially for the top job) is arguably more important than it has been in decades.

And every American 18 and older has a right to participate in the process.

As HR Matters, an email newsletter from Personnel Policy Service, a leading provider of employment policies, points out, this right impacts employers.

The Naked Truth about MySpace and Employment

CCH WorkWeek, a newsletter that focuses on HR legal issues, references a case that will be of interest if you're tracking how social networking sites impact job search and employee retention.

Spanierman v Hughes involves a teacher who filed a lawsuit claiming First Amendment rights when his contract was not renewed based on information found on his MySpace page. The teacher, Spanierman, says an anti-war poem got him fired. The school’s administration says it was other content.

Reaching a Target Market

"If No One Sees It, Is It an Invention?" That's the title of a New York Times article by Leslie Berlin, which contains a lot of insight for product developers and marketers.

Consider this quote from inventor Johnny Chung Lee: "Sharing an idea the right way is just as important as doing the work itself," he says. "If you create something but nobody knows, it's as if it never happened."

Lee's marketing venue of choice? YouTube.

A Case for Including Employees in Purchase Decisions

An article by Ian Alexander of Cytiva/SonicRecruit, featured at Talent Management magazine’s website, points to an often overlooked component of HR technology purchase decisions: end users.

Alexander makes a compelling case for including employees in the selection process. His article also speaks to the importance of including employees in the implementation process.

It’s a worthwhile read for anyone who buys or sells HR technology products.

Communicating Value in Today's Climate

This year’s Onrec show featured fantastic new companies promoting amazing, truly game-changing technologies. Yet, one thing that came up again and again was how some of the most innovative companies haven’t landed a client.

What gives?

The easy answer is the economy. And yes, without a doubt, the current environment makes selling products more challenging.

But there’s a missing piece here, or so it seems.