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TMT Editor's blog

Jobseekers Can Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media, for all its proliferation throughout the marketplace, remains challenging to grasp as an application for business. The possibilities are many, of course, and plenty of smart people are figuring it out. As far as our industry is concerned, two companies with recent news posted on the TMT Newswire provide ways for jobseekers to utilize two of the biggest social networks around, Facebook and Twitter, to find their employment.

Even Online Ads Prompt Online Search

Is your organization spending money on online advertising? That's not a bad thing, but you should probably invest in search engine marketing for its counterbalancing effect. Potential customers are nearly as likely to see your online ad and then search that ad's contents in a search engine as they are to click on the ad itself.

Organic Search Tastes Better -- And It's Better for You

Where are your customers immediately before they're your customers? That's where you want to be. What are they thinking about? That's what you want to be about. What do they need? You want to be that solution.

Global Companies Are Dropping Knowledge

The mistake for organizations in any industry is to neglect proper talent management. Plenty of blog entries here have explored this self-evident wisdom.

Generation Y Asks, "Why Not?"

Figuring out how to manage today's young workforce can be really tough. Several studies and anecdotal observations have noted that Generation Y -- those born after 1980, who are now joining the workforce -- display unconventional work habits and attitudes. But new research suggests that these traits work in Millennials' favor as they seek jobs in a tough economic climate.

Being for the Benefit of...Benefits

Just over a week ago, we looked at analysis suggesting to companies that they might save millions by suspending their 401(k) matching for just one year. The advice, of course, was meant in good faith as a tactic to weather this time of economic recession; the implications of such a move for employee morale, however, are potentially disastrous, and any savings can be eclipsed by equal losses in productivity.

Recruiting as a Marketing Exercise

Rising unemployment and reduced resources for acquiring new talent, according to the Talent Acquisition Challenge Report, jointly released by the HROA, TPI and Pinstripe, Inc., together create the foundation for a renaissance by which companies will have to think about recruitment as a marketing activity.

What About Employee Morale?

With purses tight, the quest to find ways to save money typically leads to the usual suspect, layoffs. But with this downturn, all sorts of options seem to be on the table. According to a new analysis by Hewitt Associates, for instance, most companies could save millions of dollars by suspending their 401(k) match for only one year.

Identifying the Who's Who in Talent Management: Scott Murray of OMI

We at use the Industry Who's Who to scout, identify and showcase leaders in talent management. Scott Murray, president and CEO of OrganizationMetrics Inc. (OMI), is the latest to join its ranks.

Role of Learning Management Systems Continues to Evolve

Last month, a blog post here looked at Learning Management Systems (LMSs).