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Curled Up with a Mobile

As we all know, mobile devices are terrific in that they allow for anywhere anytime access. But Talent Management magazine reports on a potential downside to so much access.

A small but noteworthy survey of 300 city workers in the UK conducted by Credant Technologies, a provider of endpoint data protection solutions, finds that more than a quarter of employees are so obsessed with staying connected that they do work in bed.

Credant is interested in the security implications, namely using a wireless network while downloading company information, and offers tips for what it calls electronic pillow talk.

However, the survey also raises other questions about mobility, especially when you consider "the survey also found that the majority of their bed companions found their partners' obsession with their mobiles 'a very annoying habit.'"

If this isn't reason enough to raise an eyebrow, perhaps you’ll want to note that "8 percent of those surveyed admitted they spend more time on their mobile devices during the evening than talking to their partners."