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Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, Start Your Engines

When it comes to talent management, the Internet plays a prominent role. And when it comes to the Internet, expedient search is essential.

It's no surprise that Google holds the top search engine spot, hands down. But what may surprise you is that no other search engine even comes close.

However, behind the screens, in late night laboratories, change has been brewing. The goal is no longer to compete with Google (the tech wizards have given up on that one); rather, they aim to take search in a new direction. And in this regard two companies have moved into new territory.

Last month, Wolfram Research, a company best known for computational software Mathematica, officially launched Wolfram Alpha, the world's first computational knowledge engine. You can read more about Wolfram Alpha at AIRS News.

This past Monday, a little known company called Microsoft previewed its revamped search engine, Bing, which it bills as the decision engine. A YouTube video shows what Bing brings to the party. (Thanks to Cheezhead for sharing this video.)

Spend some time checking out these new search engines, and prepare to get revved up.