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#HRTechChat Preview: Talent Management Ten Years After

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The hatching of the term talent management is at least 10 years gone. Those in our audience who have followed the industry for as long or longer may or may not beg to differ, but according to Wikipedia, the appellation comes from an article attributed to former Softscape CEO David Watkins and published in 1998. That’s more like 14 years ago. Just two years ago Softscape became a part of SumTotal Systems, Inc., of course, in a big-splash acquisition that rocked the marketplace for HR technology. M&A of late has similarly altered the apparent course of talent management and the technology for it.


Please Welcome ADP® to #HRTechChat Episode Eighteen


Against this backdrop, please rise: The new era of HCM has arrived, and it's time to discuss the possibilities of technology helping us to create a clear line of sight from pre-hire to retire. Yes, that's lofty preamble, but it fits. On Wednesday 5/23 we will have a special guest, Automatic Data Processing, Inc., on hand to chat with us about all of what will happen, as much as what has already.


Finding Talent? Yes, and Filtering It


Neither M&A nor the genesis of talent management as an operative term bears directly on #HRTechChat Episode Eighteen, really. But consider this week’s chat a discussion of talent management technology 10 years ago vs. today; consider the chat a brainstorm on technology-related best practices for finding and retaining talent now vs. yesterday. And in this regard, filtering talent is just as important as finding it, according to ADP®’s veritable brain trust. In his TMT Spotlight, in fact, Robert Mattson, director of marketing for ADP’s Talent Management division, refers to the “era of the bulk candidacy” and recruiters’ and human resources’ shared need for better filters better able to sift the gold from everything else in the pan.


It’s a departure from the days of a decade ago, when just finding talent, of any kind and caliber, was the urgent need. Technology from then catered to that, and Mattson’s article touches on much more. But we’re going to focus on the concept of better filtering for a moment, because we agree and want to clarify something.


The Invisible Moat, the Wrong Hire, and the Damage Done


Yes, those coveted passive candidates aren’t exactly storming at the perimeter of your job posting universe, which today might comprise any combination of your corporate website, job boards, Facebook, LinkedIn and a constellation of other outposts. An invisible moat in their own minds dissuades them from seeking your jobs.


But today’s economy, in the meantime, has left active job seekers flailing away as they endeavor to apply, and whereas the clunky Web of years’ past left finding talent itself the rallying cry of hiring organizations, social media and search technology have since liberated job seekers to find you. That has changed the rallying cry. Trying to field today’s onslaught of social media– and search-empowered talent, many hiring organizations now find themselves just plain crying, shell-shocked at the prospect of trying to comb through it all. They cry for better technology, and the integration of it, to filter the incoming information overload.


Then what happens? Exactly — overwhelmed organizations end up hiring new employees that can’t carry out their roles, fail to fit the workplace culture, want something the organization can’t provide, or all three of those possibilities and more of the unfortunate kind. And here is where the right technology can have a lasting, positive impact. Let’s talk about that, this week.


#HRTechChat Episode Eighteen — Wednesday 5/23 @ 4pm ET / 1pm PT


Again, this week’s #HRTechChat is an extra special one with an extra special guest. Tweeting alongside ADP and #HRTechChat’s co-host Brent Skinner, contributor to HRO Today, will be his co-hosts at-large Sean Charles and Meghan M. Biro. On Wednesday 5/23, please join us at 4pm ET / 1pm PT. During the course of the hour that ensues, @talentmgmttech and @ADP will co-tweet the following questions, all for our committed and smart community to ponder:

  • Q1: What are the key components that make up an integrated talent management system? #HRTechChat
  • Q2: What does it really mean to have an integrated talent management system? #HRTechChat
  • (Q2a: With no more silos, orgs need one view of themselves from pre-hire to retire. How do they do that? #HRTechChat)
  • Q3: How can #HRtech at once facilitate better filtering and help to improve orgs’ employee retention? #HRTechChat
  • Q4: What are the strategies to address the challenges & limitations of traditional talent mgmt approaches? #HRTechChat
  • Q5: Are there any new biz processes that are being enabled by talent management tech? #HRTechChat
  • BONUS CONVO: What are some alternative creation myths for the term “talent management”? Please share. #HRTechChat
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