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#HRTechChat Preview: Technology for Inside People

The sun could be out. The temperature could be perfect. Birds could be singing sweet, mellifluous songs of joy from atop every tree, and cute, feral animals could be casting away their fears of humans, running across the lawn to receive your loving pats. Some of us would stay inside.
In the front yard, an old-style boat anchor could be hanging from a tool belt fastened around the waist of a kangaroo pouch–equipped flying monkey hovering 10 feet above the septic system cover. Some of us would still stay inside.
We are technology people, you see. We like the indoors. That’s where computers and the HR technology that runs on them are. A good deal of high technology is inside, not outside, and inside is where we stay.
Staying Inside
Will an organization’s employees stay inside the company when the goings on outside become an attraction and the greener pastures’ greenery glistens beneath the sun’s warm rays? What if a recruiter resembling that monkey drops some of them a line on LinkedIn? The first is a question whose first part (will your employees stay) is literal and whose second part (inside) is figurative. Staying inside the organization isn’t the same as remaining within the confines of the organization’s building. But a few companies are banking on technology that promises to help them keep their employees, and it’s intriguing to explore and execute on the idea that a properly sorted technology platform for internal collaboration and internal networking can retain employees. Can it?
The Other Times
The headline for #HRTechChat Episode Twenty-Six parlays off this week’s #TChat, “Recruiting as an Inside Job: Internal Mobility Is Critical” (see recap here), which itself plays off a little ditty from November 2011 by Brent Skinner, lead co-host of #HRTechChat. At that time, Brent had just interviewed Rob Garcia, UpMo’s vice president of product, about the company’s internal mobility system, a term that’s central to the solidifying nomenclature identifying these social media–based technologies and describing what they do: empower an organization’s employees to be more internally mobile and, the corollary goes, help them to steer and build their careers—and entice them to stay. At the time, UpMo had launched a product called the Career Mobilizer™. Just this month, UpMo launched a freemium enterprise talent network for employees.
The Others
It’s a movie title, but we won’t riff on movies in this #HRTechChat Preview. The others, here, are other social media–based or –emulating technologies that also purport or profess to facilitate the inside mobility of employees and maximize employing organizations’ ability to optimize workforce allocation and engagement and all the rest. A couple examples are SilkRoad Point and Boston, Mass.–based Zapoint. Some systems go on tangents, further nurturing the strength of an organization’s internal network to tap each employee’s external network, for top talent referrals. Zao comes to mind.
#HRTechChat Episode Twenty-Six: Join Us Friday 7/27 @ 2pm ET / 11am PT
A discussion of technologies social media–based could easily lead us astray of the original premise. Let’s focus mostly on internal mobility for today’s #HRTechChat. Following are our questions. Co-hosts at-large Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro) and Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean) will join Brent (@brentskinner) to run the show—a show that’s about you guys and your tweets. We’ll see you there!

  • Q1: How does social media #hrtech help employees & their managers collaborate and interact? #HRTechChat
  • Q2: How does an internal social media network differ from an external one? Which is preferable & to whom? #HRTechChat
  • Q3: Please share examples of social media-based collaboration tools that you’ve encountered. #HRTechChat
  • Q4: Engagement, retention - can an internal mobility system really foster that kind of thing? If so, how? #HRTechChat
  • Q5: Is the promise of internal mobility *really* an incentive for the employee to stay today? Why / why not? #HRTechChat
  • BONUS CONVO: Improved internal mobility can deliver outside benefits. What are the possibilities? #HRTechChat