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#HRTechChat Recap: The 102 Degree HR Technology Summer

Here, in New England, the mercury hit 102 degrees earlier this week. In our neck of the woods, that's a heat wave, and a good deal hotter than temperatures normally associated with spring. That's because it's not spring right now; it's summer. Duh! And, as much as we set out to find signs of the flourishing fauna in what we assumed to be an HR Technology Spring nearly upon us, what our tweets during #HRTechChat Episode Twenty-One instead revealed, again and again, was a sweltering, sticky, muggy, 102 degree summer day of a situation. Human resource technologies may still be on the cusp of producing a spring of rebirth and singing birds and bright, wonderful smelling flowers. But currently, our noses are stuffed from the humidity.
Why Can't We Be Friends?
Actually, we can be friends, but here the issue is much of HR technology's inability today to deliver on the promises that leave us all with visions of spring. These are the very promises that speak of peace-loving hippies, with flowers in their hair, ushering in an Age of Aquarius of operational alignment fueled by click-of-the-single-button workforce and talent management yielding big data — aggregated, perfect data — that enables organizations the world over to retain every great employee, bring back every disengaged one, and end war and hunger.
We're not there yet, and we won't be for a while still. We suspected as much when we plotted #HRTechChat Episode Twenty-One. Yes, the sun is out, and the only clouds in the sky are there to free the premises from the shackles of fat clients. But the day remains hot, muggy and uncomfortable, and all anyone wants to do is find an air-conditioned building and ride out the heat wave till the weather is again copasetic.
But the vision is there now. That's where the hope is. Twenty years ago, maybe even just 10 years ago, the ambition of the vision was much smaller. Big data wasn't there yet, let alone a challenge to make sense of. Palpable shortcomings in the depth and capability of technology to cover entire business functions precluded any discussion of the alignment that comes from integrating across systems. The Age of Aquarius was still just a cheesy '60s pop song.
Take a Ride in the #HRTechChat Episode Twenty-One Slide Show Rewind
Back to those tweets — the community's frustrations over their HR technologies' shortcomings mirrored the frustrations of having no air conditioning on an uncomfortable, muggy summer day. Perhaps the discussion set the unseen stage for that real weather, which was hot this week. To see what we mean, check out the Slide Show Rewind.
Please Join Us for #HRTechChat Episode Twenty-Two Today (Fri 6/22) @ 2pm ET / 11am PT
It's our new, new time, tweaked just a hair more to be what it used to be, way back when we started this chat — 21 episodes ago. Please join us today (Friday 6/22) at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Picking up the conversation where our friends at #TChat, the World of Work left it a couple days ago, we'll delve into a discussion of the emerging technologies designed to improve the job candidate's experience. It really needs improvement. You can read the preview here.