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#HRTechChat Recap: Big Data Better Have a Big Heart

Early this week, a longtime listener sent #HRTechChat Lead Co-host Brent Skinner a direct message, via Twitter. Because the listener would probably like to remain anonymous, let's call him Casper. He really is the chat’s friendly ghost. And Casper had an idea: Big Data might one day make the management of human capital look like the world envisioned in the movie Minority Report.
That’s an interesting exaggeration designed to make an interesting (and really good) point. Plus, movies are becoming reality. Most importantly, Casper's idea provides a fitting bookend to ADP’s guest hosting of #HRTechChat Episode Thirty Five: the prospect that HR leaders may one day predict their workforce’s future by integrating, sorting through, making sense of, and interpreting an ever accumulating pile of Big Data. In Big Data, this fantasy hypothesizes, is a vast sea of ever less implicit predictors from talent’s vast past that together help HR leaders to ever more readily predict their present and future talent’s impact on the organization and stop bad things before they happen—just like Tom Cruise does, in the film.
Humanizing Big Data
Take the the following hypothetical variation on a typical scenario, a premise that Casper shared: After studying the data, a hiring manager knows beyond certitude whether or not a candidate will succeed, and makes a decision whether or not to hire. Candidate assessments today help with that, yes. But are we approaching a future when a hiring organization will know, by the Big Data alone, everything that needs knowing in order to hire? Where will the Big Data come from? Under that scenario, what will become of perfunctory efforts such as interviewing? Or will the qualitative data from face-to-face interaction further inform the process of talent acquisition, working its way into the mix in order to humanize Big Data?
Gosh, we hope so. That level of Big Data is deep, man, deep, but whatever happens, Big Data better have a big heart.
Thank You, ADP, Guest Host of #HRTechChat Episode Thirty-Five
Robert Mattson, director of marketing for ADP’s Talent Management division, led a steady march of thought-leading tweets last Friday, with his many colleagues in tow. Against this backdrop was Mattson’s article in the TMT Spotlight, Big, Bigger & Biggest Data: How HR Management Could Benefit. HRO Today and TMT thank them for the tweets and the thought leadership. #HRTechChat’s hash tag stream became a crowd-sourced brainstorm of debate over, and insights into, the many levels of Big, Bigger and Biggest #HRTech Data. To see what we mean, check out the tweets at this link to a pre-production model of the #HRTechChat Episode Thirty-Five Slideshow Rewind, whose shelf-ready version will be ready later this week. And please consider joining us for #HRTechChat Episode Thirty-Six, which takes place Friday, Oct. 19. A preview will be available soon.