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#HRTechChat Recap: Your Employment Brand Is Kind of a Big Deal

In a seminal scene from the movie “Anchor Man,” the inimitable Will Ferrell, playing Ron Burgundy, tells Christina Applegate’s character, Veronica Corningstone, “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.” And the audience laughs. Being Ron Burgundy is kind of like being a large company, when it comes to employment branding. People know what you are. You don’t have to spend too much time raising awareness. And that can be, as John Sumser tweeted last Friday, “a discount on the cost of acquiring and attracting talent.”
#HRTechChat Thanks John Sumser for Guest Moderating
This past Friday, #HRTechChat Epsisode Twenty-Eight welcomed special guest moderator John Sumser, analyst for HRxAnalysts and editor in chief of HRExaminer. Our topic was “The Cost of Your Employment Brand.” To read the preview, click on that link. John provided the questions, methodically ordered to challenge each of us along a pathway of thinking anew about employment branding. They’re quantifiable, you know, and these quantities have determinable costs. Click here, here and here for some detail, from John, on how to calculate the cost of your employment brand.
Elevating the Discourse
John’s considerable insight into the topic and general wisdom regarding all things human resources were welcome additions to the conversation last week and elevated the entire community’s thinking. That’s no small feat, because you guys bring a high level of thought to every #HRTechChat. So, John, thank you. Anyone interested in seeing the tweets that mattered—and there were many—click here. A fancy #HRTEchChat Episode Twenty-Eight Slide Show Rewind will be live later this week.
Stay Tuned: #HRTechChat Episode Twenty-Nine Is in the Wings…
Our topic tomorrow (Friday 8/24) is one we’ve danced around for a while: the evolution of the resumé, now a multidimensional affair of which the staid, word-processed curriculum vitae is but the least interesting component. Where is the resumé going? How are technology companies perpetuating this? How are HR technology companies dealing with this? The preview is in the wings. Stay tuned. We look forward to seeing you this Friday, Aug. 24, at 2pm ET / 11am PT.