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#HRTechChat: They Used to Pick Up the Telephone for That

There’s a technology for that. It’s called the telephone. They should pick it up and call their staff. That’s rich. #HRTechChat Lead Co-host Brent Skinner sees it in his online haunts. The quip is usually in response to something about how new technologies help leaders to keep geographically dispersed and demographically or contractually diverse teams on the same page. And the quip is as good a provocation as any for the topic of #HRTechChat this week.
Another provocation comes from across the pond, where HRO Today Europe is hosting a webinar a day beforehand at 8am ET / 5am PT. “Are MSP and RPO Poised to Converge?” has four co-sponsors: KellyOCG, Randstad Sourceright, Hays, and Advantage xPO. For our readers based in the United Kingdom and other destinations in that and nearby time zones, feel free to register for HRO Today’s Sept. 27th webinar here. In the meantime, because that webinar takes place a little too early in the day for most of us stateside, we’re doing a follow-on Twitter chat at the regular #HRTechChat time this week, Friday, Sept. 28, at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Besides, the opportunity is there to focus on the technology around managing a dispersed, diverse workforce.
Workforce Sprawl and the Technology for it
Managers today need technologies to help them reach members of their teams, to keep track of them, to inspire and lead them, and to persuade them to stay. Yes, they used to pick up the telephone for all that, and, yes, they still ought to on occasion. That’s called engagement. With just a phone, however, they can’t manage complex projects involving teams whose footprints span continents' borders. That’s madness. Fortunately, the development of technology to keep a dispersed, diverse workforce together is keeping pace with workforce sprawl itself, and that’s a good thing. Advances in communications technologies have led teams that don't cohabitate to believe it’s a small world after all.
TMT Spotlight: Plenty of People or Plentiful Talent?
In the TMT Spotlight this week is “Plenty of People or Plentiful Talent?,” excerpted from a whitepaper titled “A Holistic View of Talent” and written by John Healy, vice president and talent supply chain strategist for KellyOCG’s parent organization, Kelly Services, Inc. Healy argues that a gathering confluence of new demographics and geographies, along with an evolution in career inclinations and aspirations, is giving rise to professionals who aren’t really employed for the long-term; instead, they’re on hire to complete or work on projects for the short-, mid- and long-term, and they like it that way. It’s the free agent workforce. Typically, competitors see them as top talent. That’s one big reason leaders need these professionals communicating effectively with the rest of their teams. Leaders need to attract this top talent, and they need this top talent to stay.
#HRTechChat Episode Thirty-Three: Join Us on Fri 9/28 @ 2pm ET / 11am PT
On Friday, Sept. 28, at 2pm ET / 11am PT, let’s discuss how technology can help facilitate the task of leaders and others who manage demographically diverse, geographically dispersed talent of both the top and average kind. It’s the topic of #HRTechChat Episode Thirty-Three and parlays with the previous day’s webinar produced by HRO Today Europe. At about 2pm ET / 11am PT this Friday, @TalentMgmtTech will begin to tweet the following questions to our community’s many wise listeners and participants. Additional questions will

  • Q1: What kind of tech is out there for orgs to keep a geographically dispersed #workforce moving in concert? #HRTechChat
  • Q2: How much of an impact can #hrtech have on helping to manage a dispersed, diverse team? Please elaborate. #HRTechChat
  • Q3: Many social media platforms for talent management are internal. Should they be? Why or why not? #HRTechChat
  • Q4: “Social media helps to attract, engage, improve productivity & retain talent.” For each, why or why not? #HRTechChat
  • Q5: Will the emerging free agent #workforce lead technologies for RPO and MSP to converge? Why or why not? #HRTechChat
  • BONUS CONVO: We’re doing this every week for a while: What are your suggestions for future #HRTechChat topics?

#HRTechChat thanks its friends, #TChat World of Work, for their inspiration and support. And #HRTechChat Co-founder Brent Skinner (@brentskinner), tech editor for HRO Today, thanks #HRTechChat’s other co-founder, #TChat Co-founder Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro). Furthermore, #HRTechChat continues to benefit from the persistent tweeting and outreach of Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean), #HRTechChat’s co-host at-large. Please tweet with us this Friday, Sept. 28, at 2pm ET / 11am PT.