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Legend of the Lost #HRTechChat Recaps

Let’s say that you’re a passenger on a capsizing, sinking job board. What happens once the hull disappears into the murky depths of the Pacific Ocean? Provided that you're able to muscle your way aboard a remaining lifeboat, think about that for a moment. Yeah, that’s right: That dinky lifeboat probably isn’t all that seafaring….better look for a deserted island fast. Those waves that just capsized your job board will surely make your lifeboat their dessert.
But wait. Where’s the HR technology? Oh, man, did you leave it on the ship? Quick—check your pockets. Phew! There’s one HR technology in there. Though far from ideal, your circumstances could be far worse as the far-off horizon reveals lush greenery atop the mountain of an uncharted isle....
Recaps of Sunken Treasure: Legend of the Lost Tweets
#HRTechChat Episodes Sixteen and Seventeen harbor troves of sunken treasure—and human survivors. Denying these episodes their recaps would color us reckless and guilty of abandonment. So, without further ado, we have a slide show that shares the treasure of tweets from those two chats about job boards and HR technology's essentials. Thank you for your contributions. We survived the shipwreck and fared just fine on our uncharted deserted island.