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TMT as Media Resource

If you're reading this blog post, you already know a little bit about TMT, including that it's a venue for buyers and sellers of talent management technologies.

But the site also happens to be a great resource for members of the media.

How can the media use TMT?

Glad you asked.

Editors, journalists, and others who share news and information about talent management technology will find TMT features the latest press releases from product and service providers. I can vouch for the site's effectiveness from first-hand experience. In my role as AIRS News editor, I now regularly rely on TMT as a source.

Meanwhile, other aspects of TMT prove helpful as well. Specifically, the site offers an easy way to keep current with what's happening in talent management technology. By customizing the My Dashboard section of the site, you have access to the latest talent management technology news--in one place. Talk about time savings!

Anyone who writes about technology or HR issues will benefit from TMT.

Public relations professionals will likewise find TMT a great place to get the word out.

Do you know any PR professionals, editors, journalists or bloggers? If so, you'll want to tip them off to the site.

Finally, some people might wonder why I would so freely give away my "insider" source. I'd like to claim it's totally in the spirit of sharing, and sure, that's part of it. But there's also a self-serving motive: The more people who contribute to TMT, the more robust my information resource.

It's the reverse of the "Field of Dreams" approach. Because TMT is an online community, there's an open invitation to all: "If you come, we will build it."