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#HRTechChat: The HR Tech Lamentations of 2012

For this week’s #HRTechChat, let’s get ahead of ourselves to look behind us. The weeks blur together anyway, and, if we don’t do this now, the New Year will be nigh, and we’ll have run out of time; the pressure to predict human resource technology’s future will be upon us before we’ve even had the chance to examine and meditate on just what happened to human resource technology in 2012. Let’s go negative, too: There is time for that, as good tidings and cheer aren’t quite upon us yet.

#HRTechChat: Hey, Guys, Over Here!

Or, “Hey, guys, can I play?” Or, “Hey, guys, wait for me!” Let’s personify HR technology for this week’s #HRTechChat. Can’t you just hear the human resource technology, alone on the playground, plastic bat in hand, beseeching his friends to play a pick-up game of whiffle ball? Those other kids constitute the HR department.

#HRTechChat: From Workforce to Raceforce

Against the backdrop of a gambling frenzy, spectators fix their gaze on an oval testing the pride of racing equines. Racehorses draw crowds; workhorses draw carriages and tills. Workforce management—talent management, it is not. Perceived to be tedious and dull, nothing but the elements comprising a cost center only one-dimensionally important to business strategy and unrelated to the higher levels of employee happiness, workforce management is, arguably, the very reason that HR invented the term talent management years ago.

#HRTechChat: The C-suite + Talent Management Tech

Observers of human capital management like to talk about human resources gaining a seat at the table of organizational leadership. That refrain has echoed for years, and the implicit assumption seems to be that the C-suite is paying attention to things other than what C-level people perceive human resources to be. Well, that’s true, and it’s why human resource thought leaders began advancing the notion of talent management over a decade ago.

#HRTechChat: Remaining Mobile While Immobilized

Recent weather left many immobilized, and yet, they remained mobile with their mobile devices. Just last week, with the HRO Today office and most of its staff out of commission and out of power on account of Hurricane Sandy, #HRTechChat Lead Co-host Brent Skinner was still able to communicate with them. Their vehicles’ batteries weren’t dead, after all, and, in them, they recharged their mobile devices regularly—to remain available for communication and conduct some work, even amidst the ruin.

#HRTechChat: Frankenstein HR Tech

The week of Halloween 2012 began with a spooky Snor’Easterncane-slash-Frankenstorm, and it will end with #HRTechChat Episode Thirty-Eight, the Halloween edition, which recruiting and sourcing extraordinaire Shally Steckerl (@shally), Chief CyberSleuth and Founder of 4SCT, has graciously agreed to join as our guest moderator. Please join us on Friday, Nov.

#HRTechChat: The Sizzle & the Steak in HR Tech

Innovative technology is sizzling. It’s social media. It’s the cloud. It’s mobile. And it’s everywhere, it seems. But so is everyday technology, and it is, actually: Everywhere there’s a large enough organization hiring, there’s an applicant tracking system, possibly of the everyday variety. And, everywhere there’s an organization that needs to pay its employees, keep track of their time, and manage their benefits, there’s a payroll system, a T&E system, and a system to administer health and other benefits.

#HRTechChat: Workday’s Earthquake of an IPO

What’s that sound? Oh, that’s right: Millions of observers of HR technology, no longer waiting with bated breath to see when or if Workday would ever file for an IPO, just exhaled. Yes, the Workday IPO is finally happening, and #HRTechChat Episode Thirty-Six will inhale as much of the punditry—and as many of the double-takes—as possible. But we need your help. So please tweet with us.
Ground-shaking Numbers

HRO Today & TMT Welcome @ADP to Guest Host #HRTechChat

Topic: Big, Bigger, Biggest: How Companies Are Using Data to Drive Business Outcomes of All Sizes

When: Friday, Oct. 12 @ 2pm ET / 11am PT


#HRTechChat: They Used to Pick Up the Telephone for That

There’s a technology for that. It’s called the telephone. They should pick it up and call their staff. That’s rich. #HRTechChat Lead Co-host Brent Skinner sees it in his online haunts. The quip is usually in response to something about how new technologies help leaders to keep geographically dispersed and demographically or contractually diverse teams on the same page. And the quip is as good a provocation as any for the topic of #HRTechChat this week.