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#HRTechChat Preview: Hey, Recruiting 2.0, Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” A youngster might utter these words from the backseat of a moving vehicle on a long trip to grandma and grandpa’s place. It’s the question no traveling parent wants to hear, especially when it becomes an obnoxious, whining mantra of sorts, repeated ad nauseum till the adults in the car give up on answering, electing instead to ignore the yammering the rest of the way there.

There Is No Good #CotomerSevis

During the opening minutes of last week’s #HRTechChat, Sean Charles, one of our co-hosts at large, tweeted a small (but important) reminder:

What about the Customers? Who Will Think of the Customers?

Last week, following months of negligence and little precipitation, Old Man Winter decided to pay attention. "Wow!" he yelled, "It's March already? I forgot to snow all winter long. The last time I really snowed hard was before Halloween — too early, actually. I better put in a good showing, maybe dump several inches of the white stuff on New England—you know, now that it's spring."

Ceridian + Dayforce = The HR Tech Nexus

Back in the mid-nineties, Hollywood hatched an idea: Captains James Tiberius Kirk and Jean Luc Picard really ought to join forces. The easy-to-see logic was that fans of the original "Stark Trek" series and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" alike would flock to theaters to experience the nirvana of witnessing William Shatner and Patrick Stewart sharing the silver screen, ostensibly to fight the bad guys more roundly and to play out a storyline of even deeper profundity than the plotlines of either series' big screen adaptations could ever muster alone.

Sometimes, Social Media Isn't Even Cool

The term social media is social media bait. Throw some social media out there, maybe by typing #socialmedia in Twitter — arguably the freest of free-for-alls in all of social media — and watch the feeding frenzy; listen to the proclamations in response, of social media this and social media that. Social media technologies have uprooted just about anything HR-related or not, and social technologies have permeated talent management technology's very fabric.

For M&A in HR Tech, Chump Change Isn't for Chumps

Last Wednesday, during #HRTechChat Episode Eight, John T. Lawrence, director of marketing at talent acquisition solutions provider General Information Services, Inc. (@GISPangea), tweeted:

Learning Happens With or Without You

I can learn
With or without you, oh, oh
I can learn! With or without you!


Workplace Learning: No Tech Left Behind

Standards and automation -- they help us to measure what we do, and they breathe life into efforts that might otherwise remain stuck in limbo as mere figments of our aspirations. We aspire to do a good deal, and much of it is good, but not all of it becomes a reality. For instance, we want our children to learn, but they don't always, and we search for ways to measure that, to determine why they languish educationally. Organizations, too, aspire to measure.

M&A So Hot, It's Already Melting in our Hands

Welcome to the #HRTechChat Episode Eight Preview. The talent management technology space is so hot right now that the M&As are practically melting in our hands. Just this week, Talent Management Corporation acquired HR Integrations LLC.

Employee Assessment Technology: Always a Wise Decision

Last week #HRTechChat and #TChat both looked at employee assessment. On #HRTechChat, we looked at the ways in which employee assessment technology enables a big organization to generate big data on employees over the course of their entire employee lifecycles. Actually, we discussed more than just that, but for the #HRTechChat Episode Seven Recap, we'll focus on this aspect of last Wednesday's discussion. The issue of data vs.