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Another Toracleo Post

Everyone on the Twitterverse and blogosphere has obsessed over the OracleTaleo deal, and rightfully so. My take can be summarized in 5 bullets:

#HRTechChat Episode Seven Preview: Employee Assessment Technology from Cradle to Grave

Employee assessments—those are for assessing job candidates, to see whether or not they fit the organization, right? Yes, that's true. And it's mostly recruiters and hiring managers that employ employee assessments, right? Well, often that's true, too. And that's a shame. From an organizational standpoint, assessing talent only at the point of possible hire is myopic, a narrow approach to employee assessment. The word "employee" precedes "assessment," after all.

#HRTechChat Episode Six Recap: Everybody's Doing the Locomotion for Mobile Technology

The editors would like to thank Grand Funk Railroad for that headline. Everybody's doing a brand new dance now, and all you people in HR, recruiting and talent management need to move it for the mobile workforce. You people who create technology for them, that means you, too.

#HRTechChat Episode Six Preview: Mobile Technology and a Friendly Debate

A few short weeks ago, a friendly debate developed on #TChat Radio. The topic-within-the-topic was the intersection of technologies for HR, recruiting and talent management with mobile workers and their habits, i.e. what defines these workers, how and why should an organization use and not use technology to reach them, where are they, and just what are their numbers, truly?

#HRTechChat Episode Five Recap: For HR Enlightenment, Go to the Oracle

Alternate headline: For HR Technology Alignment, Can You Big It?

#HRTechChat Episode Five Preview: The Many Paths to Alignment

Some find it in the Talmud, and some in the Koran; others turn to traditional Christianity in its many permutations and denominations. Still more turn to the East and immerse themselves in Buddhism, the Tao, Hinduism and the like. Meditation, yoga, Zen and all the rest of New Age teachings appear to bring those who practice them closer. The spiritual omnivore might try a little bit of all of the above, and the spiritual observer looks at the experiences of many and concludes that many paths lead to perceived enlightenment. But how many paths lead to alignment?

#HRTechChat Episode Four: Coda

Are you one of the #HRTechChat sages? If you've ever tweeted something particularly apt, insightful or just plain mind-blowing, you might be. Actually, that sounds like just about every tweeter on #HRTechChat, and the competition is fierce to appear on the #HRTechChat Coda. That's where we feature the tweets that catch our eye, and we give shout-outs to the tweeters who tweeted them. Here's a coda for last time:

Listen to the #TChat Radio Show -- Topic: "HR & Recruiting Technology in 2012"

Just a couple days ago, #TChat Radio aired its first show of the year, discussing "HR and Recruiting Technologies in 2012."

EXTENDED DEADLINE -- HRO Today TekTonic Awards Nominations Now Open Till Friday, Feb. 10

HRO Today is currently seeking nominations for its annual TekTonic Awards, which recognize innovation and disruption in human resource, recruiting and talent management technology. Award categories include:

#HRTechChat, Episode Four Recap: Where Are the One-hit Wonders?

As late as the late '70s, musicians were still trying to figure out synthesizers. Funk wanted little part of it, but rock stars, pop stars and many others who wrote and performed popular music (and not-so-popular music) embraced the limited options at hand to push their art along its evolutionary path. The fruits of their labors ran the gamut, and most of it sounded rudimentary, experimental and inflexible.