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Social Media Policies: Promoting vs. Regulating Use

The following is a guest post by Kyle Lagunas, human resource analyst for Software Advice.
Fact: most employees occasionally use social media tools at work for personal reasons, anyway. Unsurprisingly, business leaders want guidelines in place for regulating employee use of social media outlets--and protecting against misuse--on personal and company accounts alike. Many 2012 corporate to-do lists include creating an official policy for regulating employees’ Tweets, Likes and Shares while at work.

#HRTechChat Episode Four Preview: Social Media Makes Recruiting '70s Funky

The '70s multicultural funk band War once sang:
If you're runnin' the country
And you ain't runnin' it funky
You better get down

Now, take those lyrics and replace "the country" with "recruiting": You get the same number of syllables. That's useful when changing the lyrics of a song, should you wish to sing your new creation.
And if you're not running recruiting funky, you better get down to it.

#HRTechChat, Episode Three: Coda

During #HRTechChat Episode Three, much sage advice was on display. Here's an anything but exhaustive sampling of the wisdom tweeted, retweeted and retweeted again:

#HRTechChat, Episode Three Recap: Without Innovation in HR Technology, You Push Paper

Innovation in HR technology supports, facilitates and catalyzes your ability, as the HR professional, to become a strategic asset to the organization you serve. Without that innovation in HR technology, your role stagnates and quickly becomes an exercise in reductionism; in the eyes of the C-suite, human resources sans technological innovation devolves into its basest form, an administrative function myopically yet by necessity focused on the yeoman aspects of workforce management: meting out employee benefits, keeping track of payroll, and all the rest.

In-NO-va-va-tion, In-su-LA-tion!

Sing it to the tune of Schoolhouse Rock's "Conjunction Junction." OK, are you finished singing yet? Don't be shy! Now, go take this week's #HRTechChat poll, and then read on….

New Year's Incantations for HR Technology

You probably saw New Year's Eve celebrations just about everywhere this weekend, but a New Year's Incantation for HR Technology is something you might see only here. We at TMT wish good, good cheer for you and yours, and in hopes of a good, good new year for HR technology, we cast these incantations:

Goal Setting – Why Bother? Are You Setting Your 2012 Goals?

2012 is literally around the corner. The topic of goals and objectives arises frequently this time of year. Many organizations (and individuals) have begun to update their strategies and create new goals for the New Year, have you? Hopefully you have, and if you haven’t, well – you may want to add it to your ‘to do’ list.

Resumes -- It's a New Game

I got an email from my mother-in-law today who has decided to actively enter the job market. After 15 years working as a health educator for children, elderly and the homeless at a regional health care provider, funding necessitating budget cuts for these programs resulted in reducing her hours to part-time employment, starting in January.

#HRTechChat, Episode Two Recap: Jobs2Web Is to HRTech2Cloud?

Not exactly, but does anyone remember those analogies found in the verbal sections of college entrance exams taken during high school? Sorry to remind you of those. Anyway, here's what this past Friday's #HRTechChat might have looked like, in the form of an at once clumsy and fun analogy: