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TMT Talk

News, analysis, and musings on talent management technology

New Survey Offers Job Seeker Insight

Several surveys conducted earlier this year suggest that when the economy improves employee retention will become an issue. Those surveys found employees were interested in learning about other opportunities, were working on their resumes, and would consider jumping ship for the right position.

The New Black

The Friday after Thanksgiving, known to retailers as Black Friday, is a barometer for the retail industry. By all indications, this season, and the sales year, will be brighter than 2009.

Meanwhile, Cyber Monday, which was yesterday, also reflected the start of what is expected to be a positive trend.

Consumers are in stores and online, and they're spending more than last year.

It's About Search: Just Ask

Search engine, formerly Ask Jeeves (remember the butler?), is exiting the search business.

As AIRS News reports,, owned by IAC/InterActive Corp., will narrow its focus to Q&A results, which are delivered in response to fully-formed questions. Meanwhile, the site will continue to provide search results courtesy of a yet unnamed partner.

On Veterans Day

In 2009, there were 22 million U.S. military veterans age 18 and older.

It's an interesting statistic, but what does it mean to you? Plenty if you're seeking well trained, skilled candidates who are disciplined and reliable and know how to contribute as a member of a team.

Granted, recruiting military veterans isn't without challenges, but employers find the efforts yield tremendous rewards.

The Politics of Policies

As you may know, MSNBC talk-show host Keith Olbermann has been suspended without pay indefinitely because he made political donations to three candidates in the recent elections. There is an NBC News policy that prohibits staff from engaging in political activity, like making campaign donations.

Job Seekers Not Willing to Relocate

The percentage of unemployed managers and executives relocating for a new job fell to a record low 6.9 percent in the third quarter of 2010, according to research conducted by outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas. The 2010 annual average, which of course doesn’t yet take into account the fourth quarter, currently stands at 7.3 percent.

About Search: Can You Get Spezific?

The problem with scoping out candidates online is, after you conduct a search using a traditional search engine, you have to browse through the items returned and then cull through a lot of text.

Wouldn't it be great it you could get a summary, in snapshot form, sort of like a collage, that would immediately let you know if a candidate is a potential fit?

Well, Spezify meets those specifications.

Job Growth News

VetJobs, a job board for former service members seeking employment, indicates that job postings continue to be at record highs, noting this is a positive sign that points to an improving economy.

Perhaps more important, VetJobs has also started to see small companies post jobs. This suggests that small business job growth—which has been lagging and is essential to economic recovery—may finally be in gear.

About Search: Across the Universe

If you're stuck in Googleland or Bing's your only thing, it’s definitely time to venture out beyond your cyber borders. Different search engines return different information and you might just be amazed at what you’ll find.

One of the most interesting new search engines, Social Mention, belongs to the class of tools that utilize a real-time search platform. Basically, real-time search allows you to find what’s happening now or, at the very least, uncover fresh information.

A Better Toolbox

Ever wish you had a better recruiting toolbox? Well, wish no more.

Recruiting Toolbox, a firm that has been helping organizations recruit better since 2002, has re-launched. The new and improved company now has two industry leaders at the helm: John Vlastelica, former senior director of global recruiting at and founder of Recruiting Toolbox, and Jason Warner, ex-Google recruiting leader and former director of North America recruiting for Starbucks.