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Assessments offer a solution

Historically, employers depend upon résumés, references and interviews as sources of information for making hiring decisions. In practice, these sources have proved inadequate for consistently selecting good employees. When training employees, a "one size fits all" approach has failed to provide the desired results. When selecting people for promotion, otherwise excellent employees have too often been miscast into roles they could not perform satisfactorily. Clearly, an essential ingredient for making "people decisions" has been missing from the formula.

The use of assessments has become essential to employers who:

  • want to put the right people into jobs;
  • provide employees with effective training;
  • help their managers to become more effective; and
  • promote people into positions where they will succeed.

The use of assessments has resulted in extraordinary increases in productivity while reducing employee relations problems, employee turnover, stress, tension, conflict and overall human resources expenses. Several factors contribute to the failure of traditional hiring methods.

Résumés often contain false claims of education and experience while omitting information that would help employers make better hiring decisions. Business references are of little value because most past-employers will tell you nothing but "name, rank and serial number." These realities are the reason interviews have become the most influential factor in hiring and promotion decisions.

However, experience shows only a coincidental correlation between the ability to deliver well in an interview and to deliver well on the job. Studies peg this correlation at 14% -- one good employee in every seven hires. Even background checks don't help much. The success rate becomes 26%, but that's only one good hire in every four.

Unfortunately, many employers have accepted these poor results and the high cost of excessive turnover as a business reality. They have flown the white flag of surrender.