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Candid Software Ltd


Candid Software Ltd are a dedicated team of developers and support technicians commited to providing the best service possible to their clients. The companies core product is ApplicantExtra an Application Service Provider (ASP) product used in the recruitment industry to provide workflow and database management solutions.

The product had been in development over 5 years and has involved both system developers and recruitment specialists in its design. The driving forces were a combination of efficient, reliable delivery and a product that met the needs of the industry.

Since its launch the development team has listened to the user community and added more features and improvements.   This we see as an ongoing process to delivery the needs of the users while also taking advantage of changes in technology.

Our developers work exclusively on ApplicantExtra and have been with us since the project was conceived.   This provides us with a wealth of experience which, coupled with their personal investment in the product, ensures that it will continue to deliver a superior level of performance and functionality.

ApplicantExtra is delivered to the users from a state-of-the-art data centre where the servers enjoy full environment controls, uninterrupted power supplies and resilient high speed connections to the internet.   Our data circuits are provided by 2 independent carriers, reducing the risk of communications losses.

Client data is fully protected from unwanted visitors by modern firewalls and daily back ups are performed to independent off site data vaults.   We go one step further to protect our clients against data loss by placing the control of our back up servers in the hands of our legal escrow partners.   In the unlikely event of our company getting into difficulty, all back ups of client data and the program code automatically become accessible to the escrow partner who will ensure continuation of service to the client.

ApplicantExtra is in safe hands and will continue to delivery a high quality of service to our user community.