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FireStarter Software

FireStarter Software


Connect : Engage : Innovate

Firestarter is a community engagement system that enables companies to create and manage vibrant online user communities. Firestarter deploys intuitive personalized dashboards that integrate numerous tools and services to enable user participation and collaboration.

Firestarter’s flexibility and scalability allows it to address a broad range of needs. These are some of the areas Firestarter addresses:

  • Media & Publishing  You manage a media brand that needs to upgrade and improve the audience engagement and experience by deploying web 2.0 tools and developing community involvement.
  • HR & Workforce Management  You want to improve communication and collaboration amongst a dispersed workforce, enabling idea-sharing and development at every level and improving internal visibility and innovation.
  • Sales & Marketing  You want to engage your customers better by including them in the development of products and services, soliciting their feedback and benefiting from their experience.
  • Vendor Management  You want to improve relations and interaction with a diverse set of vendors and service providers, enabling better RFP management and vendor profiling.
  • Open Innovation  You want to innovate openly by reaching out and engaging experts outside of your organization into a brain-trust community supporting your R&D efforts.
  • Channel Management  You want to communicate and interact better with your dispersed sales channels, engaging your partners and resellers in a partner community and educating and supporting your channels more effectively.