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Thomas International

Thomas International


Thomas International is a global provider of objective management systems and work-based assessment tools. With over 25 years of experience,we enable organizations to recruit, retain, develop and manage their people effectively. 

We operate in over 60 countries and our work based assessment is available in more than 55 languages. Thomas clients assess over 1 million candidates and employees annually and use this information at every stage of the talent management cycle.

Thomas provides exceptional certification training and a user friendly online assessment platform. Our primary assessment is a work based behavioral system to assess behaviors in people, jobs, and teams. In addition our online assessment platform supports an Aptitude assessment, an Emotional Intelligence assessment, and 360 assessments.

Our experienced team of consultants and client advisors support HR professionals and business leaders to achieve outcomes of reduced attrition, higher employee productivity and engagement, and more effective leadership-positively impacting the bottom line.